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3 Facebook Features Everyone Forgets About

posted on January 7, 2016
Social Media

Facebook is a remarkable tool and platform to use to connect with your consumers and clients on a personal level. Facebook has given us marketers many tools to engage with our consumers from photo and video uploads, all the way to boosting your posts for more awareness and reach to build a bigger audience. There are a few features however, that many people either forget to take advantage of or had no idea even existed!

Call To Action Buttons
Call To Action (CTA) buttons are an excellent feature for all Facebook pages. Your page could have one of many different CTA buttons such as Contact Us, Shop Now, Watch Video, Use App and more. This button allows you to tell your audience exactly what you would like them to do to become a customer.
cta button 1cta button 2

This is a simple feature for pages and profiles. “Notes” allow you to write full-length posts that you can format, tag, and add pictures to, similar to a blog post. Notes even includes a text editor and has many ways to create simple, professional-looking posts. Notes are a great way to send out press releases, spotlights, case studies, etc. Facebook tends to give Notes a little more News Feed time compared to sharing your blog articles directly from your website.

dustin @ ces note

Milestone posts are given more weight by Facebook compared to other types of posts, giving it more time in the news feed organically. Milestones are treated much like “Life Events” for personal profiles. Have you ever wondered why you always seem to see the posts about your friends getting engaged, married, having kids, retiring and so forth? Those types of posts are called “Life Events” and Facebook considers them to be more important than standard posts, giving them more News Feed time by default. Milestones are Pages Life Events feature.

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