Top 10 Stellar Picks: The Best Tech Gifts of 2015 Part 2.

As promised the final Stellar Picks5 techie gifts on our holiday wish list!

The Fitbit Charge HR
The Fitbit Charge HR’s features and heart rate monitor make it a fantastic activity tracker, perfect for any fitness enthusiast or anyone on your list who wants to get moving. See Here.

Completely Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Completely waterproof, this superb-sounding wireless speaker can be anywhere from the beach and backyard to the living or dorm room. It comes in four bright colors, plus black or white. See Here.

 Bluetooth Item Finder
Tile is a Bluetooth-enabled dongle at $24.99 at Amazon to find your keys (or any often misplaced item of your choosing), your phone could help you locate it in no time.

By accessing the connected Tile app, you can find your lost items by 1) remotely prompting the dongle to emit an audible beacon or 2) using sensors to visually let you locate the dongle. You can even access your Tile on a desktop computer or on somebody else’s mobile device. See here.

Google Cardboard
Next year is set to be the year of virtual reality with the launch of a number of high-profile VR sets—Oculus Rift being the most prominent. But if you want to stick your face in the Internet, there’s no need to fork over several hundreds for the privilege, when Google has a capable and very affordable option in the form of Google Cardboard. See here

Water-Powered Flashlight
Would you be prepared if the lights went out? One gadget that might help you or a loved one is a water-powered (yes, water-powered) flashlight. The H20 Blackout Buddy $21.02 at Amazon can provide up to 72 continuous hours of light with a simple dosage of water. It might not be the gift you want, but it’s probably the gift you need. See here

Click here to view part 1 of our wish list. What’s on your wish list?

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