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In designing a website, it is important to have a strong User Interface. UI or User Interface refers to everything on the site that the user can touch and see, such as menu options, buttons, text, and navigation. Until recently, this was the focus of every web designer; however, the new focus of website design is UX Design, or User Experience Design. Designers are now striving to relate to the wants and needs of the users with one main goal: design a fluid experience with immediacy, control, and convenience throughout the use of the site, whether through a web or mobile interface. The three top website design elements to incorporate in the design of your site that will ensure user retention and satisfaction are responsiveness, usability, and physical appeal.

Can your site be accessed from mobile devices and tablets? Google recently stated that mobile online searches have surpassed web searches, one of the biggest shifts since the internet began. Therefore, it is crucial to have a website that is both web and mobile friendly. Web designers now not only have the responsibility of creating a website that meets all the criterion of the user, but also must make sure it is easily accessible from a mobile device. This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. The responsive design will not only make your users happy, but it also is perfect for Google’s content and link standards, which is crucial for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Is your site easy to use? It is incredibly important to make your users feel smart and capable of using your website. If the website leaves a user feeling dumb or frustrated because they can’t operate it or find what they need easily, they won’t stick around or come back. It is important to understand the user’s goals and requirements and how to meet those needs. For example: when writing content for the site, make sure it is easy to understand and is easy to navigate to.  If you understand the goals and demands of the users of the site, you will be able create a site that can adapt to those needs.
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Physical Appearance
Does your site draw the user in and keep them there? It is important to have a physical design for the site that appeals to the emotions of the user, entertains them, or interests them. Currently, one of the biggest trends in website design is having a “flat design”. This type of design, first used by Apple and Microsoft, is content focused, adaptable, and sleek while simultaneously bringing motion. This allows for a heavy focus on graphics, pictures, and videos, which is more appealing to users than lengthy word-based content. Therefore, many designers have started using icons over text, because they are more lightweight, attractive, and grab the users’ attention. Typography has also become a main focus for designers. It is more appealing to have attractive fonts for titles, headers, and content, compared to the traditional, and very generic, twelve-point Times New Roman.

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It is very important to pay attention to these three key aspects of design, and use UX design to meet the needs of your users. If you would like to improve the design of your website, contact a Stellar Blue representative today


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