Life in the Fast-lane: Here Comes Gigabit Internet

Life in the Fastlane: Here Comes Gigabit Internet

Google Fiber, AT&T GigaPower, CenturyLink Fiber Internet; these are just a few examples of the names of internet services you will see with the implementation of gigabit internet. So today we are going to cover what gigabit internet is, what are its benefits and when you can get it.

Gigabit Internet is FAST
Currently, many internet service providers (ISPs) offer high-speed business internet that clocks in at around 100 Mbps. Now, 100 megabytes per second definitely isn’t too shabby, and it’s probably a lot faster than what you have at home. However, compared to gigabit internet, this 100 Mbps is a turtle’s pace.

Gigabit internet has the capability of providing internet speeds up to 1,024 Mbps. That is around 20 times faster than the fastest internet connections currently available to most people! Now of course, most ISPs are not going to be offering full on 1-gigabit internet speeds. There will likely be multiple tiers, starting at around 200 Mbps and going up with incremental price increases. Still, even 200 Mbps is more than enough for many people’s needs. Which brings us to our next point, why does anyone need gigabit internet?

It’s a Rich Media World
The need to stream, download, upload and transfer bigger files keeps growing. Fifteen years ago when online videos were small pixelated blurs, the file sizes were also small, and you didn’t need ultra-fast internet to stream them. With the advent of 4K or ultra HD video, the need to stream and transfer gigabytes worth of data is becoming a reality. For instance, depending on the video codec and compression you use, shooting 1 hour of 4K video can eat up between about 42 GB and 741 GB of space!

Besides video, the internet is constantly growing, and the amount of data being transferred is also growing. Imagine being able to download a 10-gigabyte file in 20 seconds, or holding high definition video conferences with no lag and crystal-clear video. Those are the capabilities we are talking about with gigabit internet. So you’re probably wondering, where can I get my hands on it?!

The Slow Rollout of Ultra-Fast Internet
Unfortunately, gigabit internet is currently being rolled out predominantly in major cities. This means that unless you live in one of the major metropolitan areas in the U.S., you’re going to have to wait a while. Many ISPs have the technological capability, but aren’t sure there is enough consumer demand to justify a large-scale roll out. On top of that, once it does roll out, expect prices to start somewhere around $70 a month for the lower speed gigabit plans. Regardless, gigabit internet is expanding, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!

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