Google Unveils New Google+ Interface Focusing on Collections and Communities

GOOGLE (1)If at first you don’t succeed; try and try again. That’s what Google has done with it’s social network, Google+, again. On November 17th, 2015, Google announced their new and improved product via the Official Google Blog. Google states the new updates focus more attention on Collections and Communities in order to allow users to stay more connected and in-tune with their interests.


What has changed:
When first entering into the new interface, you may quickly notice a few things that seem to be missing. Don’t panic. Some things have been moved around a bit.

Where is my page?: There is no immediate option to be taken to your pages, but simply searching for your page, or entering your direct URL will take you there. Again, you can Bookmark this page to ensure easy access back later. You can also get to your page by clicking on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and clicking ‘All Your Google+ Pages’.


Hangouts: You no longer have a menu option built within your Google+ dashboard to directly get to your Hangouts. Simply go to to start and schedule your private or public Hangouts. You can also Bookmark this page to give yourself easy access to the page.

Photos and Events: Photos and events are no longer easily accessible right from your navigation options. However, similar to accessing your Hangouts dashboard, you access photos by going to and events at Again, be sure to Bookmark these pages if you frequent them to allow for quick access.

google+ screen shot 2

Focus on Collections and Communities
Google felt the best way to serve it’s social networking users is to make is easier for users to stay connected to the things that interest them. Through Collections, you can sort your images and graphics by similar topics so that users can filter images and see only what’s most relevant to them.

Communities have not changed and are the best way for Google+ users to follow topics that mean the most to them. By joining communities, you are joining the rest of Google+ users who are most interested in what you are interested in.

For now at least you can always switch back to Classic Google+ if you get turned around with the new options, but take note that most things have not changed drastically, just moved and modified for user experience.

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