Best Practices: Tips for Optimizing Your Blog

BEST PRACTICES_tips for optimizing blog60% of businesses who blog receive more leads and customers through their blogs. While it’s no secret that blogging can be beneficial to your business, knowing how to optimize a blog for SEO can be tricky. Follow these simple optimization tips to help get the most out of your blog.



Do your research
What are the keywords that your customers are searching for? What are their pain points? Identifying those keywords and pain points, and then focusing on solving those pain points using the key terms your customers are comfortable with, is the first step to reaching the right audience, and assisting them in their buying process to keep them satisfied with your expertise. Use your website analytics, Google Search Console and Google’s keyword planner, to identify those terms and variations of those terms to ensure you’re incorporating the more quality keywords and phrases in your post.

Complete your meta data
Blog titles, heading tags, meta titles and meta descriptions are all essential components to optimizing your blog post. Take those strong keywords into your blog’s title, and try your best to make your title attention grabbing, and interesting enough to get that click. Heading tags give search engines the inside scoop as to the hierarchy of phrases within your blog copy. Search engines read heading tags to give a better indication of the sub text content following a heading.

Meta descriptions are meant to give a snippet of information that lets the searcher know what to expect by clicking on this link. Descriptions don’t necessarily count for search rankings, but they do account for better click-through by searchers, which in turn assists in your overall authority and ranking.

Optimize your images
Including images in your blog can not only encourage sharing and engagement of your post, images can also give your post an extra SEO boost if they’re optimized properly. Give your images quality and descriptive file names. If you’re uploading a photo of Lambeau Field, the filename should say something similar to “Lambeau_Field” instead of “IMG_8967”. This gives Google more clues as to what your image could be.

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