2 Stellar Analytics Tools You Should be Using


Stellar Analytics is an amazingly powerful platform filled with a wealth of data. While things like how many visitors came to your site, how long they stayed, and how many actions they performed are definitely important, there are other tools you within Stellar Analytics you may not be using.

Campaign URLs
Stellar Analytics does a great job of breaking down what traffic came from search engines, direct entry and referring websites. However, this is only scraping the surface of what information you can gain about referral traffic. The next step is utilizing our online campaign URL builder tool.

This tool allows you to create custom URLs, which you can then implement into your website, eblasts and other marketing materials or digital ad campaigns. All you need to do is paste the URL of the page you want visitors to arrive at when clicking the link, add a campaign name that summarizes this particular campaign (make sure to write them down!), and hit generate. Then you can copy and paste that URL into a link shortening service like bit.ly and voila, you have a trackable campaign URL!

Traffic from these campaigns will now show up in Stellar Analytics. To get to it, simply click referrers – campaigns. Now you can see which channels, ads and other factors lead to better conversion. This info can be used to improve ads and track ROI moving forward.

Event Tracking
Event tracking takes a little more work to set up, but once completed, event tracking can give you valuable insight as to how visitors are interacting with elements on your website. For example:

Say you just added a new button to your website that takes visitors to an important page. Just for our purposes, let’s say it takes them to a quote form page. Wouldn’t it be nice to track how many people clicked on that new button? Well with event tracking, that’s exactly what you can do!

You can set the category as ‘quote form button’, and have the action be ‘click’. Now within Stellar Analytics, you can open up the quote form category and see the number of clicks on that button. To go even further, you can add event tracking to the actual quote form, to see how many people skip fields or how many people click submit. To add event tracking to an element of your site, you will need some technical help to embed the code into your website. However, once completed, you can gain information that will help you optimize the form, button placement or other elements.

The campaign URL builder tool and event tracking are just two of the very powerful tools within Stellar Analytics. Make sure you get the most out of your analytics by trying these out! If you need help with event tracking, or anything else Stellar Analytics, contact a Stellar Blue Representative today!


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