Twitter Unveils “Moments”

Have you noticed something a little different on Twitter recently? Twitter just came out with a new feature called “Moments”. Basically it is a feature that will help users keep up on what is happening around the world at any given time. Twitter “Moments” will allow people to keep up on the latest news and events, such as conversations between world leaders and celebrities, breaking news stories, big sporting events and many more. Using Twitter Moments is as simple as clicking a button at the top of the homepage.  


Twitter Moments is relatively easy to understand. As top stories emerge throughout the day, Twitter continues to update the list. Another great aspect of the new feature, is the fact you can go back and explore top moments from previous days, in case you haven’t been very active over the past couple days.

After you click on the lighting bolt, Twitter will take you to a screen with all of the top stories happening at that very moment. The stories can range anywhere from sports, entertainment or even politics. All of the top stories will have a title with a short description. From there, you can click on any story and it will take you to a screen showing the top tweets, videos and comments about that story.  

Another great feature of Moments is being able to “follow” a moment. This is great for events that are updating frequently such as sporting events or awards shows. Whatever big event is happening, there will be an option to follow it, which will blend the tweets directly into your timeline as they happen. After the story is over, the tweets will stop and your timeline will go back to normal.  

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