Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in SEO

Invest in SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is to your website, what the blood is in your body, or the gasoline is in your vehicle. Without it, survival and progress is virtually impossible. It is a vital component to the overall success of your website. Check out these top 5 reasons why you need to invest in SEO.



1. SEO is not dead, and not going anywhere
Google accounts for the majority of search traffic around the world. Google’s job is to provide high quality, relevant content to searchers based on what they are searching. So imagine if the folks at Google actually had human readers judging every piece of content published to the web to determine what’s better and more relevant than others. Because Google cannot task staff with reading and rating content, Google relies on robots and spiders to crawl a website for specific words and phrases to determine relevance. If your content is not optimized for search, your content will struggle to be found in search results.

2. Ignoring SEO is dangerous
If you build it they will come!
Well, not exactly. This kind of mentality can be dangerous and detrimental to the success of your website. Just because your site exists, does not mean people know about it. Again, billions of searches are happening every day. People literally stand up (or type in Google) to tell you they are interested in what you have. The problem is, if you have not told Google what you offer, Google will not tell your prospects about you. Instead, Google will serve up someone else – a competitor. Imagine spending all that budget and time on a new website redesign only to have no one find it.

3. Search traffic is golden
Word-of-mouth and referral marketing tends to be the best way to generate leads, and that’s still true. The only difference, is the potential of referral traffic from search. People flock to the internet and to Google to help them find the best products and services for their needs. With in-depth, quality SEO and social sentiment, Google can prove to be a top referrer to your site; Providing not only awareness traffic but quality leads as well.

4. Everyone else is doing it
Generally, just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean you should too. However in the case of SEO, everyone is doing it – and that means you have to! Think about this: We mentioned how Google is responsible for the majority of search traffic on the internet and how Google’s best way of judging relevant and quality content is by way of quality and optimized SEO. If you haven’t invested in SEO for your website, Google will be showing everyone else’s site over yours, which means you don’t get any piece of that search-traffic-pie.

5. SEO helps you understand your customer’s needs
SEO is all about the keywords and phrases used to describe your business, services and/or products. But how you might identify a product or service could be vastly different from how your potential customers identify your products or services. For example, someone looking for search engine optimization may not know the industry buzz term used, and instead may search for something like, “how to be found on Google” instead of, “how to optimize my site for search”. Having this kind of insight helps you better structure and optimize your site to ensure that you are speaking to your customers in their language.

If you’re interested in how search engine optimization could fuel life back into your site, contact the team at Stellar Blue to find out how we can help.

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