Top 21 Social Media Updates, Added Features and News in Recent History

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The last few months has been a race to keep up on the world wide web. Many of our most popular and commonly used sites and platforms have made big changes and updates that affect how we use them. Here are the top 21 changes every marketer should know about in recent history

  1. Google announces that being mobile friendly is now a must – starting in April sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing will no longer be delivered in search results to mobile searchers.
  2. Twitter releases ‘Moments’ feature – allowing users to stay more connected to specific moments happening around the world and on the web. Read more about how to use Moments here.  
  3. Facebook releases a brand new layout for pages. Learn how to navigate your new layout here.
  4. Twitter announces direct video uploads from the desktop – see how to upload your first desktop video here.
  5. Pinterest announces an easier and more user friendly local search for pins.
  6. Facebook announces 360 video support – allowing users to upload 360 videos and play them seamlessly within the platform.
  7. LinkedIn announces new and improved messaging system – allowing for more user friendly messaging between connections on the platform.
  8. Google announces Chrome will start blocking Flash content – throwing a curveball into marketers strategies. Read more about this announcement here.
  9. Facebook improves mobile profiles to be more interactive and engaging. Including a brand new feature for video profile pictures!
  10. Instagram rolls out advertising to all marketers!
  11. Facebook launches ‘See it First!’ feature -allowing users to prioritize pages and profiles to ensure that their favorite brands content is not missed. See how to direct your fans to prioritize your content to See it First! here.
  12. Facebook launches Live for verified accounts – allowing for live streaming capabilities similar to Periscope or Meerkat but specific for Facebook, and the added benefits of having your live streams recorded and housed directly on Facebook!
  13. Twitter removed 140 character limit in direct messages – read more about the change here.
  14. Pinterest, Instagram, Google and Facebook all get on board with ‘Buy’ buttons – allowing users to purchase more seamlessly across their favorite social media platforms. Read the full article here.
  15. Instagram now supports landscape and portrait photos.
  16. Facebook adjusts the News Feed Algorithm: Taking into account how much time is spent on a post to determine its level of quality and relevance. Read the full article here.
  17. LinkedIn announces upgrades to Pulse in the form of a stand-alone application for iPhone and Android devices.
  18. Facebook introduces Author Tags for publishers. Learn about Author tags here.
  19. Google offers Gmail users an ‘unsend’ option. Find out how to get it here.
  20. Facebook releases new feature for users to Subscribe to Events in order to ensure you never miss your favorite events!
  21. Facebook starts testing ‘Reactions’ instead of a dislike button – coming soon to the United States!

If you’d like assistance implementing or understanding how any of these changes and updates might affect you and your business, contact the team at Stellar Blue and see how we can help.

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