Solve Facebook’s Algorithm

Have you ever wondered why certain posts on Facebook find a way onto your news feed, and why other ones do not?  Well, think back to 2006.  Remember when every post on your newsfeed was done in chronological order?  Facebook was very basic back then, and shortly after that, features such as the like button were released.  This helped Facebook determine what content would be of most interesting and relevant to people.  Lets just say Facebook has come a long way since 2006.  

Over the years, the Facebook algorithm has been evolving more and more.  Back in 2013, Facebook emphasized what users had to do in order to become more relevant and worthy on the platform.  Things such as making posts timely and relevant and building trust and credibility with your audience were just a few of the suggestions Facebook gave to their customers.  To help better understand what Facebook uses to determine quality content, here is a basic equation.  

FBNF3                                                                                                                        *Courtesy of Social Media Today

There are many other factors that come into the equation when figuring out the Facebook algorithm.  This is the bare basics of how Facebook prioritized their content.  One thing to take away from this is that Facebook is always adjusting the system and is always being refined.  If you want to become more relevant on Facebook, a question you can ask yourself is, “Is this something I think my audience would find interesting or meaningful?”

Today, it is more difficult to become worthy on Facebook.  Have no fear though,  Stellar Blue can help.  Join us October 21st for our in-depth Facebook for Business workshop and learn everything from the basics of Facebook marketing to advanced strategies into advertising and more.  


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