NEWH Website Updates Offer More Hospitable User Experience


There’s nothing better than taking an excellent website and making it even better through new features! NEWH is a longstanding client of Stellar Blue and is based in Shawano, WI but serves internationally. NEWH is known as “The Hospitality Industry Network,” and is the premier networking resource for the hospitality industry.  The website has been maintained by Stellar Blue over the past year, and as of today is getting some new additions to the site.

Overall, the website now has a cleaner layout. Visitors that want to join the NEWH email list can do so via the more prominent email signup on the top of the website. The homepage now features a larger hero image with rotating text, and each hero image contains a link to a key area of the website. Just below the hero image, a dynamic upcoming events list was added. The new events list rotates through the various events and allows visitors to be taken directly to the event page by clicking on it.

Further down the homepage, there is a more prominent expo partners and corporate partners logo area, so that visitors can clearly see all of NEWH’s supporters. The various sponsor logos continuously scroll, and each sponsor logo can be clicked on to take visitors to the sponsor’s own website. Below the sponsor logo area is a featured mission statement to help visitors understand who NEWH is and what they do. One of the other user-friendly features is the latest hospitality industry newsfeed. Here visitors can scroll through various articles from around the web, and be taken directly to the story by just by clicking on it.

The NEWH website is filled to the brim with content, and the new layout and design features make the site even better than before. However, don’t take our word for it, go check out the new features yourself and see what NEWH is all about!

View the new features here:

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