Mac or PC?

Asking someone  if they are a Mac or a PC person, is like asking if they like summer or winter better.  It’s usually one or the other and never both.  Mac and PC’s have been in a battle for years against each other.  Both computers have an argument for why they are better and we are going to discuss those in this blog.  Here is list of reasons why people prefer Macs or PCs.  




Design- One thing that makes Macs stand apart from other computers, is the design.  Apple takes years to come up with sleek, beautiful designs.  They pay great attention to detail and they pride themselves on coming up with creative “hip” designs.  Compared to PCs that come from several different manufacturers, Macs only come from one, which is a big reason why they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing.  

Customer Support- One great thing about Macs, is the fact they have great customer support.  If your computer were to break down, all you have to do is go to a local Apple store and a specialist will help diagnose what the problem is.  If the problem can be fixed in one session, there is usually no charge.  With PCs, there are less Microsoft stores compared to Apple and you would have to send your PC to the manufacturer or bring it to a local computer company.  

Security- This may be one of the biggest advantages when it comes to Macs.  They tend to be safer against malware and viruses.  Apple is always adding new types of encryption and safety features to help keep user security as safe as possible.  Yes, they can still get attacked, but compared to Windows, Mac is still more secure.  


Price- Just because the price is lower on something, it doesn’t mean you are sacrificing performance.  That tends to be the case when comparing Mac and PC.  Depending on what you are using a PC for, some computers can be as low as $200, while most Macs run over $1000.  If someone is looking to buy a computer for searching the web or to run basic word processing, it would be hard to justify buying a Mac.

Gaming- Yes, one of the biggest reasons why people prefer PCs to Macs is because it is better for gaming.  One of the great things about PCs is the fact that you can customize a PC to fit gaming specifications.  Another plus is the fact that PCs have a much larger selection when it comes to game options.

Hardware-  The fact is, PCs have much more hardware to choose from.  There are many different PC manufacturers, which gives customers more options and brands to chose from.  Compared to Apple who makes the software and the hardware, it limits you to only a handful of options and choices.  A big advantage of having more options is being able to fit one’s preferences or budget.  

So, this is the biggest question.  Are you a Mac or a PC person?  The fact of the matter is that both are great.  Everyone has reasons for choosing both of them and there really is no true answer to which one is better.  Basically what it comes down to is preference.

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