Stellar Blue Receives Award for TYRI Light’s Web Design Project!

WMA_Logos_2015We at Stellar Blue are very excited to announce that we have won the International Business Standard of Excellence Award as part of the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward competition! It is a great honor and we are happy to have received the award in recognition of the website project for TYRI Lights.

For those of you who don’t know about the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward competition, the competition strives to set the standard of excellence for website development and winners are chosen by an independent group of expert judges. Therefore, being the bunch of website nerds we are, this is a huge honor for us. The award recognizes a high level of excellence in the design and functionality of the TYRI Lights website.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Marketing Director Amanda Betts, “and we are glad we could provide such a great site for TYRI Lights to help promote their business.”

TYRI Lights is a group of three partner companies that provide intelligent lighting solutions for use in the construction, mining and forestry industries. The TYRI Lights website is a responsive site with a custom design. Features include an animated homepage, interactive map, WordPress integration, a products page and the ability to download product catalogs. Another key integration into this site was Google Language Translator, allowing international customers to interact with TYRI’s website.

At Stellar Blue, we always strive to build the best possible site for our clients, while utilizing the latest web design technologies and techniques. We do it because it is what we love to do and we love seeing happy and satisfied clients. Receiving this award is a huge honor and adds icing to the cake!

You can view the award-winning website here:

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