Have What it Takes? Bubolz Nature Preserve Survivor Challenge Gets New Website!


Stellar Blue is excited to announce the launch of a new website for the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve Survivor Challenge! The Survivor Challenge, which takes place at the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton, places teams in the wilderness and challenges them to last  24 hours. Throughout the event, participants will need to attempt to complete various mental and physical challenges. All proceeds from the event help fund environmental education programs at the preserve. Stellar Blue is a proud sponsor of the event, and it is our first project with Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve.

The website has an interactive homepage with moving images from past Survivor Challenges, displaying the types of challenges participants will face. It also features a side navigation bar with social media icons to take visitors to the event’s various social media pages. Visitors can register a team, or donate to a team via an overlay on the homepage, or they can scroll down to read more about the event. At the bottom of the homepage, a sponsor feature displays the major sponsors, and gives visitors the ability to visit the sponsor’s websites by clicking on their logos.

“The Survivor Challenge is a great event that raises awareness of the preserve and the environment,” said Marketing Director Amanda Betts, “and Stellar Blue is proud to be able to develop a new site to showcase the event.”

The goal of the site was to be a promotional tool for the event, as well as increasing registrations and donations for the event. For those that are interested in becoming a sponsor, a sponsorship opportunities link takes visitors to a PDF document that provides more information on how to become a sponsor as well as sponsor benefits. Visitors can then choose to download the document. Another notable feature is the slide out live Twitter feed. By clicking on the hashtag #bubolzsurvivor in the navigation bar, visitors can see a live feed from Twitter with all the tweets that include the #bubolzsurvivor hashtag. Finally, a fillable contact form is available for those that want to get in touch with the Survivor Challenge.

You can view the new website here: http://bubolzsurvivorchallenge.com/  

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