Stellar Predictions: The Future of Smartphones

STELLAR PREDICTIONSLast week Apple released the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and with some pretty impressive new features. This got us thinking about the endless possibilities that smartphones could have as they progress and make their way into more and more hands and households. This article talks about 3 features that we predict smartphones will be able to deliver us over the course of five years or so.


Iris Scanning
It was with the release of the iPhone 5s that we are now able to unlock our phone with just the touch of a finger, due to fingerprint scanning technology. But let’s take this a little step further into a James Bond classic and imagine if your smartphone was able to detect your identity by scanning the iris of you eye?

Bendable devices
You may remember shortly after the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus there were some early complaints that the phone was vulnerable to bend if left in a pocket. Well, bendable technology is actually within reach, and most likely will be considered in the design of future smartphones. So long are the days of broken screens, or ‘accidently’ bent phones. You could fold it up and put it anywhere!

Hologram and projection display
How cool would it be to project that video on the wall in front of you? Or video chat with your loved ones while they appear in 3D as a hologram, practically sitting right in front of you. Hologram and projection display is not too far off in the future. There are actually already products out there to use as an accessory to your smartphone to achieve similar results.

Smartphones have quickly started becoming an essential part to many of our lives. We use them for communication, convenience, entertainment, organization, you name it. As more and more people begin to leverage the benefits of smartphones, the brilliant minds behind the creation of the devices will continue to find more ways to improve, progress, innovate and satisfy. Check out this video from Google ATAP on their ideas for future devices.

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