New Stellar Blue Crew Member: Erik Erland

SB-eric-portraitMy name is Erik Erland and I am glad to become a part of the Stellar Blue Technologies crew. I have an associates degree in web development and I am currently working towards an associates in software development.

I’ve been dabbling in web design and development since I was still in grade school. My interest initially came from a curiosity of how the sites worked, but it soon grew into a passion. I started attempting more and more complex sites in an effort to further my skillset and eventually decided to pursue it in college. While in grade school, math and art were two of my favorite subjects, so I suppose it was the blend of creativity and logic that really drew me into this career path.

Everyone at Stellar Blue has been very welcoming and shares a passion similar to mine. They don’t settle on things being “good enough,” but instead plan to do even better on the next project. I am very excited to see what I can add to this team.

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