Find Your Next Packaging Solution With Lamination’s New Custom Website!


We at Stellar Blue Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of Lamination’s new custom website! Lamination’s is headquartered in Appleton, WI, and offers a diverse selection of innovative package protection solutions. Stellar Blue has an ongoing working relationship with Great Northern Corporation, Lamination’s parent company. This is the first website developed specifically for Laminations.

When visitors arrive on the homepage, visitors can click on four buttons taking them to news, sustainability, resources and delivery/service pages. A simple top-navigation menu offers another means of accessing different areas of the website. With WordPress integration, content can be added or changed easily. The website is built with a custom responsive design, which means the website can be cleanly displayed no matter the screen size. Other features of the website include an integrated blog for keeping up on Lamination news, and a site search feature.

The goal for Lamination’s new website was to create a clean, modern design in line with the other Great Northern websites, while highlighting Lamination’s varied product offerings. Interactive internal pages offer a great user experience and present Lamination’s various products in an easy to use yet detailed manner. When viewing various products, a learn more button brings up a contact form without needing to leave the page. Visitors can also download various PDF documents containing detailed product specs and information. On the top of each page, visitors can also quickly get phone information or go to Lamination’s social channels.

You can view the new website here:   

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