How to Utilize Live Streaming

how to utilize live streaming

We did a blog awhile back about live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat. In that blog, we discussed the potential for those apps. Since then, Facebook has announced their Live from Facebook Mentions for media and influencers. Live streaming is only going to get more widespread, so the question is, what do you use it for?

Behind the Scenes at Events
Do you have a tradeshow that you host or attend every year? Try setting up a live stream and providing the link through your social media channels for people to tune in. The live feed could be of a booth your organization has set up, including interactions with attendees or other participants. Live video captures the excitement and atmosphere of a special event more so than pictures.

Give a Tour
Have a manufacturing plant? Set up a live stream walking viewers through the process of creating one of your products. Not only is it interesting to watch, but also it can give viewers a sense of confidence in your product, knowing that you trust your product and methods enough to show outsiders.

Do you have a cool office building? Simply taking viewers on a tour of your cool new office building or perhaps a new addition helps bring viewers into your space and can make them feel like part of the team. Don’t be afraid to make the video have a funny tone either if you’ve got some eccentric employees.

Host a Live Panel
In any industry, there are usually tons of questions that customers ask either about your company, product or service. Setting up a panel with major team members and inviting viewers to ask questions if a great way to build relationships. The panel being live gives the answers more authenticity, as the viewer knows it wasn’t a pre-written response.

Get Creative!
These are only few examples of the limitless possibilities of live streaming. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment! As with any new social media tactic, always make sure to analyze and measure your results.

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