Ask and You Shall Receive: Facebook’s Dislike Button

ASK (1)Have you ever wished that Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button? You’re not alone! In a recent Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg, the question was asked, again, when Facebook would offer another option other than ‘like’. The answer was one we can all look forward to!




“We’re working on it”
Zuckerberg puts hope into our hearts when he tells us that after many years of being asked if there will ever be another option besides ‘like’, it’s finally being worked on and close to testing. Hang tight, folks! A new option [or maybe two] is on the way!

Why did it take so long?
If so many users have asked for this feature for years, why has it taken Facebook this long to begin working on another option? Zuckerberg explains that the idea behind not having a ‘dislike’ button was to prevent the practice of essentially downgrading posts. He explained that someone sharing a happy life moment could have a negative reaction to someone essentially disliking or downgrading their life moment.  He explains further that he now understands the request is more about the desire to share empathy and share a mutual emotion towards something that may not necessarily be a happy moment.

Tell us what you think!
Have you often wished there was a different option other than ‘like’ on Facebook?

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