Facebook Gives ‘Notes’ a Facelift

Do you remember Notes? You may have never even heard about this feature of Facebook, but it has been around since the beginning. Last week, Facebook announced the first update to this feature in a very long time.

What’s changed?
Images – You now have more control and optimization of your notes. You can now add cover images to your notes, and resize or caption any graphic within your note.

Formatting – Notes now allow for more customization and formatting options than before. For example, you can add headers, quote blocks and even bullet points to your notes.

fb notes ss

Image courtesy of Facebook

How can your business use Notes?
Stellar Blue has been using Notes for a while now to help get our blog articles into more of the news feeds for our fans without having to spend budget dollars boosting a post. Think about it this way; Facebook likes Facebook, and thus likes Facebook’s features. When you simply share your link to your blog post on your website, people who click on that link are being taken off of Facebook to read your content. Unless you pay Facebook a little, Facebook doesn’t like people leaving Facebook. So third party links are delivered in most cases to less than 6% of your fans’ news feeds. Hiding that third-party link inside a Note helps Facebook deliver that post to more of your fans.

While you may see a slight decrease in referral traffic to your blog coming from Facebook, more of your audience has the potential to even see that link when using Facebook’s Notes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to effectively manage your brand on Facebook, or just want to stay up-to-date with all of Facebook’s latest changes, join us October 21st for our Facebook for Business: Basics & Beyond workshop. We will go over all of Facebook’s latest changes, including what’s changed with Facebook advertising as well as how to effectively manage your brand on Facebook.


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