How To Become Better With Instagram

Instagram is becoming more and more popular every day.  It is a great place to share photos and videos and show people what we are doing, eating, buying, or seeing.  Naturally we are social creatures, and that probably explains why Instagram is up to 300 million active users every month.  

People have become masters of Instagram including many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Leo DiCaprio.  You may not live a crazy and lavish lifestyle like some of these famous people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become an expert when it comes to posting on Instagram!  Here are some basic tips to help get you started with your Instagram account.   

  • Take Time to Edit Your Photos- Instagram has so many cool features and a lot of them have to do with editing.  Most of us are not professional photographers, which means we will not always take perfect pictures.  However, this does not mean we cannot make them look perfect!  Play around and experiment with all the options Instagram has to offer such as the shadows option.  You are sharing your experiences with the world so take the time to make them look beautiful!  
  • Use The Right Hashtags- Hashtags are not used for just Twitter anymore!  It is important to use hashtags that are relevant and catchy.  If you use a hashtag that is too broad and generic, there is a good chance it will get lost in the mix.  Be clever and creative when using hashtags.  Doing so will help keep your posts relevant. 
  • Spice Up Your Profile- This can easily be overlooked when it comes to having a successful Instagram account.   The first thing people see when they come on your page, is your profile.  So, why not make it catchy and eye appealing?!  Some important things to think about when creating your profile is what you want people to know you as.  Telling a little bit about yourself, what you do, and what types of photos you will be sharing will help people get to know you a little bit before following your page.  

These are just a couple of the basics to get you started with your Instagram account.  With over 300 million active users per month on Instagram, no two accounts will be alike.  It is important to remember that this is your account and everything you post should reflect who you are as a person.  So, be creative and standout.  Give people a reason to follow you on Instagram!  

Also, Instagram is slowly rolling out advertising through their platform.  Only select accounts are able to demo the service.  To see if you are one of the lucky few, go to your Power Editor in your Facebook Manager.  


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