How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn Publisher


LinkedIn Publisher is a feature of LinkedIn that used to be limited in who could use it. As of a few months ago, LinkedIn has opened the publishing service to all users. So what is LinkedIn Publisher for, and what are the best ways to use it?

Personal Content With a Wide Appeal
LinkedIn Publisher allows you to publish articles to LinkedIn, and they also run the chance of being picked up by the Pulse. The Pulse is basically a daily feed of different publisher articles. Ultimately, you want to end up on the Pulse, as your reach will grow exponentially. The first key to getting on the Pulse is great content. These articles come from your personal LinkedIn page, therefore it is beneficial to write content relevant to you, your skills and your network. It is also important that your articles have a personal feel.

Timing is Everything
The Pulse goes out each day on LinkedIn. In order to ensure the best chance of making the Pulse, it is a good idea to post early in the morning. Since getting on the Pulse requires your post to hit a certain threshold of likes, comments and shares, the earlier the content is posted, the more time it has to circulate and get picked up by the Pulse for the day. Some data also shows it is beneficial to post early in the week, either on a Monday or a Tuesday.

Be Eye-Catching
Publisher posts that feature visually appealing infographics, images and headlines will grab the most attention. Try to create a header image for each post as it relates to the topic you’re covering. If possible, try to create an extra image or two that is relevant to your post to break up the text further down the page. If you’re not a graphic designer, don’t fear. Try for creating free images and text via their easy to use interface.

Share to All Your Social Channels
While the Pulse is strictly a LinkedIn feature, be sure to share your new publisher post on all of your social channels. This will drive traffic back to your LinkedIn post, which will still increase likes/shares/comments and give you a better shot at making the Pulse. This will also help people that haven’t connected with you on LinkedIn to see your profile and what you’re all about.

So there you have it, LinkedIn Publisher in a nutshell. Don’t be afraid to go out and post something, experiment and evaluate your results. Publisher is yet another tool to help your voice be heard.

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