Important Updates for Page Admins from the Past Week in Facebook Land

FACEBOOK UPDATESFacebook has been rolling out new changes what seems like every day. If you’re having a hard time keeping up, rest easy – We’ve got you covered with this week’s Facebook page updates that all admins should be aware of.

Live streaming
Step aside Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook has introduced live video streaming! On Wednesday August 5th Facebook announced a new feature to allow live streaming capabilities for public figures. Give it time brands, this feature will likely roll out to the rest of us in the coming year, if we all keep our fingers crossed.

Enhanced direct communication
Facebook also announced a brand new feature that tells users how responsive pages are to private messages. This is a big deal page admins, make sure to pay attention to your private messages and reply to them all to ensure the best responsive rating.

In addition to this new responsive rating, Facebook also is now allowing admins to save canned responses for private messages. Do you always get the same messages? “What are your hours?” “Are you open on Sundays?” Now you can save canned responses to save your team time and make it easier to respond to all messages quickly.
responsive to messages

Finally, page admins can now reach out to individual fans through private messages without having that fan first message your page. In the past, admins could only respond to fans in the same forum in which the fan has contacted the page. Unless a fan started a private message with the page first, the page could not send a private message to the fan. Those days are over, friends! Just be mindful that no user likes to receive spammy messages, so keep it personal.

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