Have You Heard of Brute Force Attacks?

brute force attacks - featuredBrute force attacks sound like something from a high, action-packed movie. In reality it’s a very real technical concern that we as online users will see its adverse effects including: website crashes, information loss, hacks, etc. Stellar Blue is very aware of these growing concerns and believe educating our clients on this malicious activity is the best way for you to have the tools and information necessary to protect your website and company against the online threats that exist.


A brute force attack is something that is relatively easy to understand. The attacker tries countless and often random examples of usernames and passwords over and over again, until they eventually find a combination that gains access.  With that said, it can take thousands, possibly even millions of attempts, before a brute force attack will succeed.  With strong passwords, the likelihood of an attack becomes even much smaller and less likely.  

Brute force attacks may seem easy to understand, but protecting your website against them are another thing.  These are some of the basics about brute force attacks and what you need to know about it for your website.  

  • Technology is advancing more and more every single day and brute force attacks are becoming much more effective.  As computer software becomes newer and faster, it allows these hackers to become faster and more effective as well. Its critical to be aware of these very aggressive attempts to stealing your information. Increasing your online security to defend yourself is becoming a must. There are many tools now available. Do you know which of them is best for your needs?
  • Brute force attacks usually start using one digit passwords, then two digit passwords, and so on.  Basically they try every combination until one eventually works. That is why strong passwords are a must to help protect your online existence. Try to refrain from using personal information such as date of birth as part of your password. Also change your passwords often.
  • Another way hackers can brute force attack is through what is called “dictionary attack”.  This can be done by trying hundreds, and sometimes even millions of different words from the dictionary.  Hackers tend to use words that are more likely to be used as a password. Try to refrain from using personal information such as your name or street address as part of your password.

These are just some of the bare basics of what brute force attacks are.  It’s important to know about brute force attacks and how they can be prevented.  Your online existence depends on security. Now is the time to make this topic a priority and become fully educated on all the options that are available to help provide a safe online experience for you and your customers. For much more information stay tuned to our Stellar Blue blog and find out how you can protect against these attacks!

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