Tips to Leverage YouTube for Business

TIPS TO LEVERAGEYouTube is the second largest search engine, next to Google. You can learn how to change a tire, make coffee, groom your dog, write code, and so much more. That’s right, people are flocking to YouTube for everything these days!

How can you have a piece of the YouTube puzzle? We’ve compiled these 4 ways you can promote your business on YouTube.

#1 How-to’s: Do you have a product or service that you can demonstrate? How-to videos and tutorials are incredibly popular and often have the right ingredients to go viral.

#2 Explain yourself: Do you know something that your audience doesn’t? Maybe you have a way saying something that people just get it! Go ahead and share your useful and valuable information in a video.

#3 Talk about it: Did you recently expand or move? Maybe you just won an award. Share your company news in a short video instead of a press release. People are more likely to watch a 60 second video than read 200 words.

#4 Show off: Every office or workplace has it’s own culture and characters. Walk around the office with a video camera to capture what it’s like to work in your office or facility. Have a little fun, and share the smiles with your fans!

These are just a few ways you can use YouTube to your advantage. If you need assistance creating your videos, or coming up with the right idea, join us August 5th for our hands-on workshop How To Maximize Photo and Video to Supercharge Your Social Media. We will learn how to use the HD cameras we carry around in our pockets every day – our smartphones!


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