These Four Mile of Music Site Features Rock

The Mile of Music is an annual music festival held in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. It features a huge lineup of original artists playing original music. An event as cool and unique as Mile of Music requires an equally cool and unique website. Stellar Blue Technologies not only designed the Mile of Music website but we are also a proud sponsor! We would like to tell you about four of the site’s awesome features.

Twitter Hashtag Feed

Along the top of the website is a #feed button. When visitors click on the button, a custom designed live Twitter feed drops down. Anyone who tweets comments and/or photos using the hashtags #MileOfMusic or #mile3 will have their tweets featured on the feed. This cool feature gives fans a way to express their love of Mile of Music or their favorite artist and to feel like a part of the festival.

Video Gallery

A brand new video gallery gives visitors an enhanced user experience. In the  video gallery visitors  can watch music videos from their favorite artists, past  Mile of Music performances, interviews  and get a sample of the artists that  will be performing. Visitors can easily sort the videos either by  selecting one  of the four categories, or by selecting a month. There’s enough awesome  content here  to keep you busy for a long time.

Artist Page MP3’s

Not sure which artists you want to see, but would like to hear what they sound like? Visitors can go to the Mile of Music lineup page and click on each artist to read a bio, and play some of their music without leaving the page. There’s currently 8 pages of artists and you can preview music from every one of them! Even if you know who you want to see, the artist page MP3’s are also a great way to discover new music.

Interactive Festival Map

Even though the majority of the Mile of Music performances are held along College Avenue, it can still be a daunting task to find where exactly your favorite artists are playing. That is, until you’ve checked out the interactive festival map on the Mile of Music website. The 3D map gives shows visitors all the main stages, venues, parking ramps and even the bus route. Visitors can then click on each stage and venue to get directions through Google maps.

These are just four of the many features you can find on the Mile of Music website..But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the features on the Mile of Music website for yourself!

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