A Fresh Look for Stellar Analytics

FRESH LOOKDid you get a new haircut? That must be a new outfit, right? We all love a fresh look so we know you will appreciate our most recent update to Stellar Analytics.

For starters, Stellar Analytics data loads much faster than before. Performance was not our only focus with this makeover. We improved the usability and design of our software with a new font and updated color scheme. Pretty snazzy, huh?

The main menu has also expanded with the addition of two new menu options.

Stellar Analytics dash

For our users that track Goals Stellar Analytics now provides advanced ecommerce analytics features.

  • Overview shows orders and abandon cart statistics
  • Ecommerce Log shows the visitor log for each ecommerce including those who abandoned their carts
  • In Products, you can sort data by Ecommerce Orders or Abandoned Carts
  • In Sales, you get referral information on where each user came from and their engagement statistics on the website.
  • Under Sales > Click Path, you can also look at the steps that user took before completing the goal

By default, these features are disabled so please send a message to [email protected] to turn the ecommerce function on. Once enabled, the Goals menu will be renamed to Ecommerce & Goals and will display Ecommerce reports.

You can now compare up to three different websites or compare one website that has three segments.

We’ve also added two plug-ins. First, under Campaigns, you are able to track five extra campaign parameters, providing a more complete picture on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. And second, the Concurrent Visits plugin allows you to see how many active visits your website had over a short period of time such as 10 or 20 minutes. This feature also shows you the current number of active visits and the maximum number of active visits that you had over the selected time period.

Want to learn more about Stellar Analytics? Email [email protected] today for a free demonstration.


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