Reflections on Fox Cities Chamber Cultivate Event

ReflectionsIt’s been nearly two weeks since the Fox Cities Chamber Cultivate: Community event, which was hosted at the Fox Cities Stadium.

As with most professional events, attendees often leave filled with ideas. But returning to work the next day to flooded inboxes and the daily demands of life simply don’t allow much time to reflect.

The Cultivate event was different because it provided tangible ideas for all areas of life; personal, professional and community. Attendees were asked what value they wanted to bring to these areas of your life. Here are some personal reflections by Dana Baumgart, Marketing & Analytics Strategist for Stellar Blue Technologies on how she could answer that question.

Patti Dobrowolski taught us that drawing your desired future tricks your brain by opening it up and filling it with optimism. She had us do an exercise as part of her keynote speech, which now hangs in my office to remind me of those three bold steps I promised to take to achieve my goals.


In the Mile of Music community panel discussion, several individuals spoke about how they worked together to change music, music education and the arts in the Fox Cities. Cory Chisel, Mile of Music founder, mentioned his gratitude for solid partnerships especially those that believe in the mission of the event.

Through its Stellar Cares program, Stellar Blue Technologies supports several events including the Mile of Music. I am fortunate to be part of an organization that gives back to local events like Quarry Quest, Neenah Streetball and the Burundi Education Fund, just to name a few. As a new member to the team, I hope to bring value to these causes through my professional development at Stellar Blue Technologies.

As a mom to three children, I often feel I don’t have the time to get involved. But by following Greg from Fargo’s advice of “be a go-giver rather than a go-getter” I can change that attitude pretty quickly. By giving my time and energy to make my community a place where cool things happen, I can inspire my kids and their friends to do the same.

I immediately challenged my nine-year-old to make a summer bucket list that included several and community events. Together, we are going to make time to collaborate in the community, if not just for an hour a week.

Since walking out of the Cultivate event several days ago, I have seen and read amazing stories about our community. And just today, I saw a young man juggling as he walked down the street. Strangely enough, he resembled Alex Clark and I smiled thinking about his approach to inspir-tainment.


If you attended Cultivate, how have you taken the things you remembered from that day and put them into action?

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