It’s Worth Your Time To Understand Facebook’s Recent Changes

What should you do about Facebook’s latest algorithm change?
Facebook is always trying new things to improve the overall experience of its users. Typically, this means delivering relevant content to each user’s news feed. Just last week, the influential social network changed things up again.

A while back, Facebook started grading each post on a number of factors such as clicks, likes, comments and shares to help determine which posts were more credible and, therefore, more popular with the user. Last week, Facebook announced that it will now be adding the time a user spends on a post into this equation.




What should you do now?

1. Use analytics to determine if this change has affected the way that your audience is consuming Facebook content. If you start to see a decline over the next couple of weeks, you may need to consider revamping your ‘post-crafting’ strategy to start publishing content that keeps people reading and consuming for longer.

2. Find ways to keep visitors on your post as long as possible. One suggestion is to create content that opens up conversations amongst your audience since posts with multiple comments will take longer to read. Don’t forget to stay involved in the thread!

3. Marketers and business owners will also need to be more creative. By including multiple forms of media within their content strategy such as 30-second videos or infographics, visitors will spend more time consuming content.

If you would like to know more about what this change could mean for your Facebook page, or need help strategizing new content, contact the team at Stellar Blue today!



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