Facebook Introduces Author Tags

FACEBOOKPeople are 8x more likely to open an article that is shared from an individual instead of a brand. It make sense that advice is better received from a friend, relative or newsworthy figure than a product or service that isn’t human.

What are Author Tags?
Authorship has always been a big deal on the Internet. In 2013, Facebook released author tags to media publishers and journalists, but recently announced they will now be available to all users. These tags allow Facebook to include the author’s name in an article shared through the social network, giving content creator the recognition for their work.

What are the benefits of Author Tags?

  • The audience has the opportunity to follow specific influencers within a company.
  • Through providing recognition to authors, users can associate with the brand.
  • Author tags give users the ability to follow an author’s profile if they like their work.

This is how author tags look in Facebook’s News Feed (photo courtesy of Facebook):


How to implement Facebook Author Tags:
Implementing author tags to posts requires pasting and optimizing code to those pages of a blog or website.

See instructions provided by Facebook here, or contact the team at Stellar Blue to assist you!

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