Dont PANIC – Checklist to Improve UX on your Site


UX Checklist

UX Checklist

Page Layout:
❏   Is the layout appealing to the target audience?
❏   Is there a consistent site header and footer?
❏   Is there a static and consistent navigation area?
❏   Are the page titles informative to the information they are about?
❏   Does the footer include copyright and contact info
❏   Is the most interesting information above the fold on the home page?

city of neenah stellar blue technologies

City of Neenah

Appeal – Color and Graphics:
❏   Is the color scheme consistent and limited to a max. of 3-4 colors?
❏   Is the text color has readable and has proper contrast with the background color?
❏   Is there proper use of repetition, contrast, and alignment?
❏  Are all pictures and graphics in high quality?

bad website

Color and Graphics

  ❏  Are the main navigation links are clearly and consistently labeled?



Internet Browser Compatibility:
Does the site display correctly on:
1.  ❏   Internet Explorer
2.  ❏  Firefox
3.  ❏  Google Chrome
4.  ❏   Safari?
5.  ❏   Mobile devices and tablets?

browser compatability

Browser Compatibility

Content Presentation:
❏   Is the same font used consistently throughout the entire site?
❏   Are the font sizes and colors consistently used?
❏   Does the content provide meaningful and useful information?
❏   Is the content organized in a consistent readable manner?
❏   Is information easy to find with minimal clicking?
❏   Does a new window open for links leading away from the site?
❏   Is the content broken down into logical categories?

 content presentation

Content Presentation

❏  Are all internal hyperlinks are working?
❏  Are all external hyperlinks working?
❏  Are all forms downloadable and functioning as expected?
❏  Do all old links redirect to updated content?

404 error

Functionality- 404 Error

❏   Does each audio/video file used serve a clear purpose?
❏   Does the audio/video file used enhance rather than distract from the site?
❏   Are there captions provided for each audio or video file used?


A great website has both easy user function in combination with a visually stimulating and functional design in all platforms. Having a well designed responsive site should now be in every web marketing strategy.

There are many design layout options to highlight your most important website features. Stellar Blue Technologies can help you make the best choice for your goals. We recently launched the City of Neenah which is another great example of a responsive website design from Stellar Blue Technologies.

Explore more examples of responsive website design in our portfolio for yourself here.

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