Apple’s New Safari Browser May Dampen Mobile Advertising


If you’ve been reading tech news the last week, you may have scrolled past several stories discussing Apple’s next version of their mobile iOS and desktop OS X operating systems. However, what has people talking most is that Apple wants to make it a lot easier for tech developers to create extensions for their mobile Safari browser that allow users to block ads. It’s no surprise then that some publishers and advertisers are freaking out.

So what’s the big deal?
The big deal is that over 50% of mobile browsing is done via the Safari web browser. Adblockers have been available for other browsers in the past, but not for Safari. That is about to change now that Apple is going to make it very easy for people to create apps and extensions for Safari that can block pop-ups, images, cookies and other content. The result that many who rely on advertising for their business fear, is a dramatic loss in ad revenue.

Who does it impact?
Online publishers especially, make a small amount of profit from their digital ad revenue. With traditional print faltering, and the massive surge in mobile use, mobile advertising has become an important revenue stream for many businesses. These businesses will be losing out on that ad revenue if a large amount of visitors use the new content blockers.

Why is Apple doing this?
Speculation is high and no one knows for sure. Apple is likely to say that they want their users to have more freedom of choice in their browser. One statistic says 41 percent of content blocker users are between 18-29 years old, and Apple may just want to keep up with the trend. Still, others say it may be to hamper Google. Google has built their entire company on advertising and data gathering. If enough people adopt these blockers, perhaps Google will have some problems.

What can we do?
Whatever the reason, increased content-blocker usage is coming, but that doesn’t mean everyone should worry. The amount of effect it will have is to be seen. And If anything, this should inspire content creators and advertisers to create better content and ads. Knowing your audience and what they want is more important than ever. They don’t want to see ads, they want to see meaningful, relevant and beneficial content. It’s our challenge to provide these things in a manner that doesn’t scream advertisement.

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