The Importance of User Experience (UX) in a Responsive Website:


responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

What Does it Mean to be Responsive?
Having a responsive website means that the website is viewable and compatible with other devices other than a desktop computer (i.e. ipad, smartphone). That is important because according to NewsCred almost 50% of all users say a website design is the number one grading factor for determining the legitimacy of a company. Further research conducted from BrightEdge concluded that mobile configuration and non-responsive sites caused more than a 68% loss in smartphone traffic.

 User Experience (abbreviated as UX) is how a person feels when interacting with the system. With all of those users, it is also important to capture data and analyze behaviors to better suit them.  Creating and investing time into the design and proper layout for the different interfaces is now the most important factor in keeping someone on your site.

user experience ux

User Experience (UX)

Properly optimized websites, which have creative and user friendly navigation, now capture the largest part of the market. According to recent studies by Search Engine Watch, more than half of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results; which then results in a 61% purchase rate. A great website has both easy user function in combination with a visually stimulating and functional design in all platforms. Having a well designed responsive site should now be in every web marketing strategy.

There are many design layout options to highlight your most important website features. Stellar Blue Technologies can help you make the best choice for your goals. We recently launched the City of Neenah which is another great example of a responsive website design from Stellar Blue Technologies.


Explore more examples of responsive website design in our portfolio for yourself here.

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