Can you Answer These 9 Basic SEO Questions About your Website?


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  •         How did visitors find your site?
  •         How long were visitors on your site?
  •         Are users able to navigate through all of the pages on your site?
  •         What is the visitor frequency for new and regular visitors?
  •         Which pages were used to enter the website?
  •         Which pages made them leave?
  •         What technology do visitors use when they’re searching (Desktop or Mobile)?
  •         Are they completing (converting) the action you were hoping for?
  •         Do you know which visitors are currently on your site  and what they are doing through the real-time data tool?      

Without analytics you wouldn’t know answers to any of these questions. Sometimes it can be surprising how much websites can increase the traffic and business of a company. The most important thing for a business is for the consumer to be able to find the website once you make it.

Lucky for you, Stellar Blue Technologies has an Analytics team.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of prediction and analysis of trends a person uses to locate information they are seeking on the internet. Having someone look over your site and find all of the errors can be a tedious job.  The correct search engine strategy is important for every business.

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SEO Circle

Using Search Engine Optimization and implementing keywords into rich context helps your site to be found on search engines. Internet browsers use popular keywords as search terms as a way to find the item they are looking for. On the flipside,­­­ it is important to include informational content about those search terms on your website.  You can do this by adding content to your site such as blog posts, articles, recipes, how-to-guides, and any other relevant topic information to help your site get found.

The breakdown of keywords and relevant search terms are the single most important SEO strategy. Search will help you figure out what someone is typing into the search engines (i.e. to find your site. Terms can range from one word to question format. Keywords are important to add to your content to prove to the algorithm you are a relevant site for that certain keyword topic.

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Number of Searches to the Site
With analytics you are able to count the number of people who search and visit your site each month to find information about your company. This is important to understand that each of these visitors is a potential consumer who is seeking information about you.

Demographics (Who is your audience?)
After analysis of this you can figure out if these demographics are the audience or persona you were looking to target. Strategies can be made to limit age groups or target stronger messages to capture different genders. Location can also be tailored to target customers in a specific area or over a large  range.

Analytics can also help you decide where to target more advertising because of increased interest.  It will help you define your target audience by limiting or targeting certain age groups. Along with this, analysis of your site can also find errors, lost pages, and old site pages that consumers may land on that need to be manually redirected to the new fresh content of your current site.  This decreases the bounce rate of people leaving the page because they did not find the information they were searching for.

Search Engine Optimization is important because 92% of internet users start out on a search engine to locate things on the internet. Not having an optimized strategy can be just as big of a mistake as not having an internet site at all.

 For more information about SEO and Search Engine Analytics, check out the latest Search Engine (SEO)  Guidelines here:

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