Marketing Automation: Pros VS. Cons

MarketingWe live in a highly connected global world today, more so than ever before. Information is within reach with a few clicks, connections and relationships are built virtually, and consumers expect more and more personalization and tailored services every day. Marketing automation has become a widely adopted practice, but also a widely abused practice. We have compiled this list of a few pros and cons to help you decide when and how often to automate your marketing messages.


  • Personalization – it’s been proven that including someone’s first name in an email campaign can increase the open rate of that campaign significantly.
  • Time saver – there are many tools and systems out there to help set up your marketing automation. This can be an incredible time saver as you no longer have to submit each message manually. In addition, departments can be connected and updated in real-time without having to send internal updates manually as well.
  • Reach potential – the time that you’re saving by automating your communications can open up some more time to explore and adopt new channels and new segments. Increasing awareness and reach should always be one of your top marketing goals.


  • Over communicating – it’s an easy mistake to make when you have tools and systems to automate your messaging. A few clicks and one lead is set up for a dozen messages, easy as pie! Be careful not to over communicate and annoy your audience. Even though you believe your communications are so tailored and personalized to that person, you still have to worry about bogging down their inbox and driving them away from your brand all together.
  • Lazy communication – just as it is easy to over communicate, it’s also easy to get lazy with your communications because a systems does it for you. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a true concern here. If you don’t have to manually send your messages anymore, you may start to forget exactly what is being sent over time. You have free’d up time for something else, and now that sometime else is priority, second to your automated messages.
  • Your audience knows better – depending on your audience, they may know how marketing automation works and you may not be fooling them. The more often you automate, and the less often you make changes and tweaks and add human connection, the quicker your audience feels as though they’re just part of your system now, and not your priority.

Marketing automation can be helpful and effective for saving time and money and connecting with your customers and leads. But as with most things, automation should only be done in moderation. Make sure to take the time to connect with your clients and leads on a one-on-one, authentic basis.

If you would like to know more about marketing automation, or other trending marketing strategies, contact the team at Stellar Blue and let us help you develop a winning marketing strategy.

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