Google+ Meets Pinterest with the New Google+ Collections Feature

GOOGLE+Have you noticed something different about your Google+ profile? Something rather ‘Pinterest-esque’? Google+ launched a brand new feature called Collections. Google+ Collections allow you to group and categorize images by similarities. Very similar to Pinterest boards.

Google+ Collections

How to leverage the feature
Similar to Pinterest boards, or even LinkedIn Showcase pages, Google+ Collections allows for marketers and page admins to segment their content based on the different segments they see within their audience base. Instead of delivering a piece of content to all of your connections, you may find that only certain segments of your audience will find that content helpful or relevant. If you’re only delivering that content to the proper segment, your conversion rates increase and your audiences stay happy and unbothered with irrelevant content.

Collections cover

The importance of images on Google+
There are a number of reasons why images are a popular and effective form of media on Google+. The first being Google Image Search. Any post published to Google+ has the potential to be shown in search results, including images. Secondly, proper optimization of an uploaded image can enhance search engine optimization, increase reach on the platform as well as increase the actual real estate your post takes up in the news feed.

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