Business Owner’s Guide to Understanding SEO

BUSINESS OWNERS GUIDE TOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood that makes your online presence breathe and grow. However, for many business owners, SEO is not their area of expertise. So how do you ensure that your presence is properly optimized, if SEO is not what you do best? We’ve compiled a short checklist of things that will help you understand what SEO means and how content plays a part.


Keyword research is…key
The first place to start is keyword research. Knowing what keywords you rank for, what you want to rank for, and what words are even worth ranking for will help you better optimize all of your content from here on out. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can help you decide what words you want to focus on and rank for. (Stellar Blue also offers several search engine optimization packages to help with this!)

On-page optimization is a must
Once you’ve done your research, incorporating those quality words into your content and landing pages is a must. Ensure that those keywords are relevant to the content on the page. Using words on a page that is irrelevant to the content can hurt your ranking for that word.

Social integration is crucial
Social sentiment is becoming more and more of a contributing factor to being delivered in search results. The more followers and connections your brand has made on social media, the more connections Google makes when deciding who’s content to deliver. If someone is connected to your brand, your brand’s content will be more likely to show to that user, simply because they’ve given Google the signal that they trust that particular source.

Measurement is imperative
As with anything in marketing, if you can’t or don’t measure it, there is no sense in doing it. Monitor and analyze your keywords and rankings regularly to ensure that you’re reaching your goals and ranking where you want with the words you want. Finally, considering that over 60% of searches have never been searched before; monitoring new keywords can help to grow your SEO strategy. (Check out Stellar Analytics for a start!)

Developing a SEO strategy can be a daunting task. If you are interested in learning more about how to optimize your presence for best search results and developing a stellar SEO strategy, contact the team and let us discuss your options for SEO.

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