A Brand New Custom Website for The Women’s Center at Southwest Health

Located in Platteville, Southwest Health has been a long time client of Stellar Blue. The team recently worked with Southwest Women’s Center at Southwest Health to launch a brand new custom website to highlight the specialty services found within the center.

Features of the website:
Upon landing on the home page, visitors are immediately directed to information and services that are tailored to their specific needs just by clicking a few options. The website features an intuitive and animated navigation designed to follow women through the stages of their lives and provide assistance and care in each of those milestones.  Visitors can also schedule their next appointment right from the convenience of their computer.

The website was built with custom WordPress integration and also features a fully responsive layout allowing for seamless viewing across any desktop, mobile or hand held device.

Goals for the website:
In addition to showcasing the specialty services found at Southwest Women’s Center, the site is also designed to spotlight Dr. Christopher Mackey, The Center’s very own, highly accomplished, board certified OB/GYN specialist. “We wanted to bring the passion for women’s health found at Southwest Women’s Health Center to the forefront of their new website.” Said Marketing Director Amanda Betts.

See the site at: http://womens-health-center.org/

Women's Center

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