Three New Updates to Facebook’s News Feed

Three New Updates ToAnother algorithm change has recently taken place following Google’s mobile algorithm update. A few days ago Facebook announced three new changes to its News Feed algorithm  It is known that the goal of Facebook’s News Feed is to show the content most relevant to you. It is that right mix of  your closest friend’s recent photo update, your favorite brand’s new product release, and other updates of public figures and organizations that matter most to you. Today we will cover what to expect in Facebook’s newest changes.

1.The first update is meant to improve the experience for users who don’t have a lot of content on their News Feed. Before this update, Facebook prevented users from seeing duplicate content from the same source in a row. They’ve lightened up now, just in case if people do run out of content to see while scrolling through the News Feed, they might see multiple posts from the same source.

2. With the second update, you will now be seeing updates from your close friends appearing higher in the News Feed. Facebook has been receiving feedback from its users telling them that they were missing out on their closest friends most important updates. For people with many connections this is an important update, as there is a lot of content for them to see each day. This won’t eliminate posts from Pages altogether, but it’s an attempt to make the balance of content the right one for each individual person.

3. The third update is based on feedback from users who said they don’t like seeing posts about their friends liking or commenting on posts. This update will make these stories appear lower in the News Feed or not at all. As a result, you are more likely to see the stuff you care about directly from friends and the pages you have liked.
How will this affect your Page?
According to Facebook’s announcement, the impact on your page will vary depending on the arrangement of your audience and posting activity. They have warned that post reach and referral traffic could decrease in some cases.
This means creating valuable content and crafting better Facebook posts, rather than overwhelming your followers with a lot of posts, is more important than ever.

What do you think of these updates? Feel free to share in the comments section below! Interested in learning more about Facebook and creating the right posts for your audience? Request your very own private workshop to have the Stellar experts speak to you on a topic of your choice!

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