How To Build A Quality Social Media Following

Social media is not all about how many followers you have, it’s about how many relevant followers you have. Having 500,000 followers on your social media accounts is useless if they are not responding to anything. The key is to build a quality, loyal, and relevant following, in order to have your message spread effectively. Today we’ve highlighted 4 different ways to help you build that perfect following.


1. Post Interesting Content

The big question on social media is, “What should I be posting?” A good tool to find it interesting and relevant content for your followers is by setting up Google Alerts. Get daily email updates from Google about all of the things that are of interest to your audience. Terms anywhere from, “Social Media Workshops” to “New Web Designs” to “Search Engine Optimization” would be just a few simple examples of helpful Google Alerts.

Photo and video have been proven ways to engage your audience as well. Use photos to share activity and events so your business will get more quality engagement. If designing photos is a challenge for your business read more about these 5 free photo editing and creation tools to help you craft those engaging images more easily.

2. Engage

Engaging with your followers is just as important as posting out content to them. Try to find a relevant conversation or image in a news feed and give your best professional advice or comment on the subject. By engaging with a conversation other relevant followers are able to witness your expertise and gives you a better chance of being followed.

3. Run Contests With Fitting Prizes

Businesses too often give away products that aren’t relevant to what they do. At Stellar Blue we like to give away free workshops to our customers that want to learn more about social media, digital technology, or web design. By doing so, people most interested in our workshops will participate in this contest and help spread it to others who may be interested. Contests are a great way to get your followers excited and a better way to draw in more followers. Just be sure to pick the most “fitting” prize.

4. Advertising

Whether it’s advertising on Facebook or Twitter, or trying out the new Pinterest promoted pins. All types of social media offer one form of advertising or another. By setting up advertisements on social media you are able to target your advertisements to certain demographics like age, location, industry, and interests. Use advertising to complement your contests and content and you’ll have a recipe for success on social media.

Interested in learning more about how to grow a quality social media following? Check out our class schedule for different social media hands-on workshops or request your very own workshop on a topic of your choice!


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