6 Wearable Technologies of the Future

The new era of wearable technology taps into the idea of the connected self. Wearable technology is usually equipped with smart sensors and makes use of a web connection, usually using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your mobile device. While the list of these new technologies is endless, they become closer to being the norm in our society rather than items that only “techies” own. We’ve chosen a list of six wearable technologies to highlight in today’s blog.


Reebok Checklight
The Reebok Checklight can be worn during high impact games like hockey, football, and lacrosse to alert athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and parents the severity of impacts. It is able to provide an objective measurement of impact force and is designed to lead athletes on a pathway to assessment. This new wearable addresses the highly debatable topic on concussions in the NFL.


Circet Bracelet
Don’t want to carry your smartphone everywhere? The Circet Bracelet, which is currently in development, is a bracelet that with a twitch of a hand triggers a light, which appears on the wrist displaying a smartphone’s screen. If the Circet Bracelet does not make it to market, the door for lighted technology display on the body is still wide open.

Apple Watch
Mark your calendars for April 24, 2015 and watch as the world is introduced to the Apple Watch. It is predicted that the sales of this wearable watch will hit one million in the first weekend. The Apple Watch is meant to make technology more accessible. Attach this sleek looking device to your wrist, available in different models and several detachable bands, and Apple says you’ll be wearing the most personal product they’ve ever made. Phone calls, text messaging, email, health and fitness tracking, GPS, and audio are all made accessible from the device’s touch screen making it a very intriguing product.


Zepp empowers athletes and coaches with meaningful performance information to help them immediately improve their game. Designed specifically for golf, baseball, tennis and softball fanatics, the Zepp is adhered on a player’s glove and offers video analysis of their performance on a smartphone screen featuring side-by-side comparison with the pros.


Listen up new parents! TempTraq is the first and only 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to a parent’s mobile device. The device is still in the approval stage, but imagine all the possibilities for skin attached wearables in the future if released to the market.

Augmented Reality Glasses
Google Glass is a commonly known form of this new wearable technology that is worn on your face. Stellar Blue’s Technical Director, Dustin White, had the pleasure of going to CES 2015 in Las Vegas last January and got to explore this new technology a little more in depth. Click here to read about his experience. Augmented reality glasses are made with the same concepts that the Apple Watch has in mind: Accessible technology. For example, the hands free device can allow you to fix a engine device by displaying step-by-step instructions through its display in the lens while you have both hands available to fix it. Other functions include phone calls,capturing images, and weather.


What do you think of the idea of wearable technologies and its future in the next five years? Is there any other crazy wearable technology ideas you’ve come across? Please feel free to share and comment below!

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