5 Google Ranking Factors That Matter

GoogleDid you know that Google considers over 200 different factors when ranking websites? And to top that, Google does not always disclose those factors to us marketers. While some factors are well communicated and known, other factors are argued and disputed and simply cannot be proven. However, we’ve compiled this list of 5 factors that do matter to your website’s rankings and should be on the forefront of your marketing team’s mind.

1. Mobile optimization
Starting first with mobile optimization. We mention this first because of Google’s recent announcement that beginning this year, sites that are not mobile friendly will no longer show in mobile searches. This is a big change that is likely to affect many sites’ search traffic, if those sites do not optimize their sites to be mobile friendly before the change is implemented. If your site is not yet optimized for mobile visits, you will want to make this a top priority for your team. View our portfolio of responsive website designs by Stellar Blue for inspiration and ideas for your site.

2. Keyword optimization
Keyword optimization has been a factor and still remains an important factor today. Keyword optimization is also likely incorporated in many daily tasks, which is why this factor needs to be a top priority for your team. Having relevant and consistent keywords across content, page titles, meta tags and links is incredibly important. All content that is added to the website needs to be well optimized for the proper and relevant keywords.

3. Links
There are a few different factors to consider regarding links. Broken links on your site can negatively affect your website. So make sure to always keep up with broken links and make sure to fix those issues immediately. The number of and the quality of internal and external links leading back to your page can affect ranking as well. Which leads us to our next factor…

Read more from Stellar on link building.

4. Site Authority & Popularity
You can work very hard to get multiple third-party pages to link back to your page, but if they are not generating relevant and quality traffic, those links could be doing more damage than good. The popularity of your site overall plays a big part in the big picture – this is what PageRank refers to. PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to analyze the importance of a website.

5. Social Signals
It’s still highly debated whether social signals are considered a Google ranking factor or not. But there’s a few things that are certain. First, Twitter and Google recently announced their deal that tweets will be searchable on Google. Second, posts published to Google+ are already being indexed individually by Google. Third, and what ties it all together is the rise of the importance of authorship. If authorship is important across the internet, the next obvious step would be to create the connection in authorship between brands and their social content. If social signals are not a high enough factor to be on your radar yet, it’s safe to say at the very least that social signals are being considered minimally – for now.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your website’s ranking, contact the team at Stellar Blue and see how we can help!

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