5 Free Online Photo Editing & Creation Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

EVERY MARKETER (1)The use of imagery and photos in your marketing material is a must. But finding or creating the right images can sometimes be a big challenge. Luckily, we’ve developed this list of 5 free internet or smartphone tools that can help you create eye catching and professional photos for your marketing efforts.


Pixlr.com is a great free online tool that requires no downloading. Pixlr.com is a photo editing tool that is very comparable to Adobe Photoshop. With Pixlr, you can add filters, text, layers, adjust colors, highlights and shadows. You can even add blur and smudging effects to any image.


Canva.com allows you to create an image from scratch using Canva’s pre-designed backgrounds, text styles and fonts, icons and more. Create fun shareable images from scratch, for free, in just minutes!


Gimp is a free downloadable photo-manipulation program that again is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. The program allows you to modify, edit and manipulate your own images. You can add filters and effects, and many other unique features such as adding a cartoon effect to any image.

PicMonkey is a great online photo editing tool that allows for more in-depth editing such as retouching blemishes and glares, removing red-eye, airbrushing, wrinkle removal and more.


Instagram has made the list because of it’s versatility and value added benefits. Instagram not only helps to enhance your photos to make them more appealing, but also provides a storage and sharing space for those photos. Instagram allows you to add filters, blurs, highlights and shadows to any photo or short video.

There are many helpful tools that can help accomplish different tasks and goals. These 5 tools are incredibly helpful and cost effective and should be included in your arsenal of helpful tools!

If you’d like to learn more about how to better leverage photos and videos in your marketing efforts, contact the team today to start brainstorming!

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