How to Write a Winning Blog Post

HOW TO WRITE AThere is no doubt that blogging and content marketing can improve your website’s rankings and searchability. Furthermore, it helps to establish your expertise in your field. But with so much data and information being published and shared across the internet, even the most helpful or exciting blogs may go unnoticed if it isn’t written and optimized properly. We’ve compiled a few tips to write winning blog posts for your business.

Know your audience
The most important part to writing an effective blog post is knowing who your audience is, know their pain points and understand how they retain information.

Provide a solution
Providing information is great, but your readers want answers, solutions and fixes. They already know what problem they have and how it’s affecting them, they are looking to you to help solve their problem.

Bullet your main points
Remember that no one will read your entire article word-for-word. You’ll want to bullet and highlight your main points so that your reader can quickly identify and consume what’s important to them.

Packaging your content for repurposing
Make sure your blog has the right components to be shared across multiple platforms and re-used for different marketing purposes. You may turn your blog into a vlog to re purpose at a later date.

Provide a Call-to-action (CTA)
If you’ve done a fair job of providing a solution in a way that your audience can understand and retain, your reader will be more likely to ask for even more of your assistance. Directing your readers to an appropriate CTA such as subscribing to a newsletter, or contacting for a consulting is more likely to work because your reader feels confident in your expertise.

The main thing to remember are your readers – your readers dictate everything. As long as you write with the purpose of providing your readers with valuable solutions, you’re on the right track.

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