Facebook’s Sudden “Likes” Decrease Explained

FACEBOOK'S SUDDEN LIKES DECREASEHas your Facebook Page Likes decreased recently? Have you suddenly lost a number of fans or Likes to your page and can’t figure out what’s going on? You’re not alone, and luckily, we have answers for you!

Starting March 12th, 2015, Facebook started cleaning out deactivated and deceased Facebook user accounts. In order to make user data more accurate, Facebook wants to officially do-away with all of those accounts that are inactive, deactivated or belong to someone who has passed on. The result is that your page has now seen in some cases a significant drop in the number of people who follow your page.

What to do:
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop Facebook from cleaning out these accounts. We can however be proactive and diligent about noting this change in your social reporting so that when you look back at March 2015 and see a significant drop in Likes, you know exactly why it happened and know it was not due to your content.

Growing your audience:
You can grow your following by running a Likes campaign and ask your target audience to Likes your page if they have not already. This option does require the use of Facebook advertising. You can grow your audience organically by researching new trending industry hashtags, engaging with influencers in your industry, and sharing your page with other outlets.

If you need help growing your audience, or planning your social media strategy, contact the team at Stellar Blue to see what solutions we can find for your goals!

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