4 Tips on How To Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

How to HandleIt doesn’t matter how hard you try. You can’t expect to keep 100% of the people, 100% happy, 100% of the time. Today, social media is quickly becoming the place consumers turn to voice frustrations. In this blog, Stellar Blue will provide you with four ways to handle negative feedback on social media.



1 – Don’t ignore
While a response may not always be necessary, it’s important to monitor both good and bad feedback. This way you are not ignoring your audience. How can you decide when to respond? If a response can solve a problem, then jump right in. If its just someone venting, monitor the situation and wait for an appropriate time to respond.

2 – Respond quickly and kindly
Its important to respond within 24 hours of the initial negative comment. Waiting longer than this as good as a carrier pigeon in the world of social media. By not making your audience wait for a response, you can respond in a timely manner. Its important to keep your cool. Take a step back or ask your supervisor for input. Craft a response that will solve a problem and ease frustrations. Your audience will give you credit for this approach.

3 – Get another opinion
A golden rule in social media posts is to have more than one set of eyes read your content before it gets published. Especially when responding to negative feedback, you always want to get another person’s perspective.

4 – 3 Rounds Rule
The three rounds rule goes like this: If someone posts a negative comment and you respond, don’t allow it to go beyond 3 rounds. The original negative comment is round one, your response is round two. If the customer takes it to round three, invite them to contact you offline to avoid a back-and-forth debate or argument.

Negative feedback happens to everyone. In most cases, it tends to be our greatest opportunities to learn and improve our services. By using these four things the next time you receive a not-so-nice comment, you will learn how to handle it professionally and wisely.

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