Four Ways To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Do you ever feel like you are always posting to Facebook and seeing no results? Engagement is the key to Facebook posts. To spread your message, you must focus on the likes, comments and shares of your posts. However, these engagement metrics can be tough to get going and maintain.

In this article you’ll find four ways to help increase engagement on your Facebook page.

Four Ways

#1 Sharing Links the Right Way
There are two different ways when it comes to sharing a hyperlink (link) on your post. You can upload a picture to Facebook and include the link in the caption or include that link in your post and have Facebook populate it with an image and description from the article.

When you are adding a link to the caption of your photo there isn’t much context or information about where that link will lead you to once you click on it.

When you paste a link into your post you will see that Facebook automatically populates your post with more information regarding where the link will take you. A title, description, and an image is grabbed from the article of the link you included. This gives the reader more information about where the link will be taking them and therefore a better chance for a click-through. This is called the link-format by Facebook. Special Note: After you add the link to the post you have the option to remove link and force readers to click on the image or description to take them article you linked to. See the example below.


An example of a link-format post.









You may wonder if one is better than the other and the answer is YES! Facebook is closely looking how pages share links and have figured out that fans prefer to click on the link-format posts because more information is given. Therefore, Facebook will deliver by showing more link-format posts than links shared in captions.

Go to our Facebook Page for more examples.

#2 Don’t Over Promote!
A recent Facebook update stated that overly promoted posts or click-baiting will be penalized and not show up as much in the newsfeed. Click-baiting is an eye catching link on a website which encourages people to read on. [Click here to learn more on click-baiting] Facebook is making these changes because about 80% of the time people said that they preferred headlines that help them decide if they wanted to read the full article before clicking through. If your intentions are to use Facebook primarily as a sales tactic, they recommend submitting a paid advertisement through them (of course).


An example of click-baiting

#3 Size Your Images Correctly
It does not look professional to have part of your images cut off when you post them. Second, it decreases the chances people will click on your post. Facebook has certain guidelines to help you fit right sized image to include with your post. When you share or upload a picture to Facebook it gets cropped and is displayed at 504px by 504px. When you are creating your own  image make certain that it is 1200px by 628px at least. It is recommended to make the picture 1200px by 1200px to avoid the images being cropped or cut off.

Special note: These dimension can differ if you are adding more than one picture at a time. See Facebook’s sizing chart.

#4 Post at the Right Time
If you are posting when none of your followers are online how can you expect to receive good engagement? It is key to finding the right time your audience is online to see the best results. Facebook Insights does a great job showing what time and day your fans are online. It is also important to know your target audience. Think of the schedule your audience goes through on a daily basis. For example: If your audience is middle aged, full-time workers the best time to post is when that grouping wakes up (6am-8am); when they go on lunch breaks(12-2pm); and when the work day is just about completed (4pm-6pm).

Facebook Insights can be very helpful to find what time your fans are online

Facebook Insights can be very helpful to find what time your fans are online

Once you figure out the times your fans are online, post a few minutes before the target time so your post will already be in the newsfeed as they are scrolling.

Facebook is the giant of all social media platforms. Drawing engagement is one of the metrics that can helps business pages succeed, but there is many more ways success is achieved on Facebook. If you wish to grow your brand on Facebook Stellar Blue’s team of marketing experts gives you the opportunity to request your very own workshop tailored to your wants and needs. Have a Stellar Blue representative come and speak to you at your own event or bring a full team to our studio for training.

 We’re the experts creating experts!

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