3 Analytics Indicators for Social Success

One of the greatest challenges we face as marketers, is understanding our audiences. That doesn’t just mean demographic target, age bracket and lifestyle, we mean so much more than that. Understanding the behaviors, buying trends and patterns of your visitors starts with understanding your analytics.

3 Analytics Indicators

1. Referrer traffic
Your website’s referrer traffic is a good place to start when trying to understand your social traffic. Are your social networks included in your top referring websites? What percentage of your overall traffic is coming from your social networks? You may be surprised to find which social channel refers more traffic to your site than others.

2. Entry and viewed pages
Where are your Facebook visitors landing on your website? Are they landing on your blog, your portfolio, maybe your career opportunities? What about LinkedIn? Here at Stellar Blue, we see a lot of our Facebook traffic is visiting blog posts and job openings where our LinkedIn audience is viewing company announcements and portfolio items more often than blog posts. This tells us LinkedIn is a better place for sales leads, but Facebook tends to be a good place for recruiting and establishing thought leadership and brand awareness.

3. Actions per visit
How much time and how many actions taken by a visitor is an important metric because often times visitors land on your website but leave right away, taking no actions and spending no time. While Twitter can certainly drive quality traffic to your website, Twitter also can be known to drive some less-than-quality traffic to our website if you’re not careful. Again, if a user takes no action on your site, they aren’t quality visitors.

Your website analytics and social media insights can offer incredible insight into who your audience is, what your visitors are thinking, and how they move through the buying process. The key is understanding how to turn data into insight and insight into an action. Join us March 25th for our hands-on workshop on how to Turn Data Into Actionable Insight: Understanding Your Website Analytics.

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