Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Trends for 2015

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Many marketers feel the changes are so rapid that it is overwhelming to stay in the know and keep up. We’ve identified our top 5 trends that will play a big role in search engine marketing (SEM) this year to help you stay ahead.


1) The Expansion of Retargeting Ads
This marketing strategy has caught on recently and will continue to expand. In short, retargeting works by using internet browser cookies to track the websites that a user visits. Once they leave a particular website, the products or services that they viewed will appear again to them as they visit different sites.

So why is this method effective? First time website visits rarely convert, but retargeting works to increase conversion rate by exposing products or services multiple times that were recently viewed by the consumer. This keeps brands and products atop consumers’ minds. Studies have shown that simple and repeat exposure to brand names and logos increases familiarity, which builds trust and makes consumers more likely to make a purchase.

Expect retargeting ads to become more mainstream in 2015. Now that you know what it is, have you seen a product you like follow you around the web? Contact Stellar to learn more on including this strategy into your marketing.

2) Optimization & Social Becoming More Integrated
Social Media and SEO are becoming more intertwined. Although social links don’t matter as much as inbound links for search rankings, it is becoming a bigger and bigger part of SEO. The goal of Google and other search engines is to provide users with the most relevant and high quality content possible. So, if a blog post, article, or product page receives hundreds or thousands of shares on social, it makes sense why search engines would factor that into its page ranking. Why? Look at social shares as approval from viewers, the more shares, the more likely that content is something of value to people. More value means that page is making the search engines happy and a higher ranked page is the result.

The key to success with SEO and Social is to align your objectives.Contact us today and jumpstart your online marketing!

3) Increase of Mobile Optimization of Websites
Many have heard about responsive web design, now it is time to implement it! Mobile internet user penetration worldwide will be around 50% in 2015. Everyone needs to make sure that their website is optimized for mobile. It is important to provide a positive experience to users browsing via mobile device, and more importantly, Google ranks responsive web design higher in search results than a company with two websites for mobile and desktop. If your website is not optimized for mobile, it is easy to lose customers to competitors that have already jumped on the trend.

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4) Optimizing Video For Search
We saw the increasing popularity of video in 2014. Consumers are 64 to 85 percent more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video, according to KISSmetrics. Moving towards the future it’ll now be important that video can be found in a search. Businesses are looking for can those who can optimize for video SEO.

5) The Shift to the Human Experience
Google and Facebook have made changes to their platforms making businesses focus more on the “human experience”. As consumers, we do business with brands that can relate to us and help solve our problems. For social media marketers, posts will need to be more relevant and provide value to the intended audience. These changes were made to drive marketers to think more about user experiences, buyer personas, and the way they market their products.

Search Engine Marketing has seen incredible changes over the last years. Mobile is taking over the world, social media channels are blooming, and SEO is harder to keep up with than ever. Don’t let all these changes intimidate you, Stellar Blue Technologies is here to help! Stellar Blue’s skilled team of online marketing professionals are here to keep you on top of your game and stay Stellar! Contact Stellar Blue today or check out our upcoming workshops!


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